Winter melon spareribs soup



A moderate amount of water
A moderate amount of salt
A moderate amount of chicken
A moderate amount of chicken
A little sugar
Moderate amount of corn oil
one tablespoon cooking wine
one slice ginger
Wait one aniseed
one leek
one the root ribs





Wash the ribs, blanch them in cold water, remove and rinse off the bone residue and floating foam, drain and set aside.


Get the materials ready.


Cut the green onion in half and the winter melon into small pieces.


Put the corn oil, ginger, shallot and star anise in the wok, fry them, pour in the ribs, pour in the cooking wine and stir fry.


Add enough water to the pot, cold water will do, sprinkle sugar and chicken essence. Because want to stew spareribs, remember to add enough water at one time as far as possible, keep high fire, simmer for about 20~30 minutes, then turn small fire and simmer for 20~30 minutes. If you feel out of water in the middle, add more water and remember to heat the water.

6 After stewing the ribs for about an hour, the soup turned milky white. If you don’t like aniseed and ginger, you can pick them up and throw them away.
7 Add the wax gourd and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Just keep it on a medium heat. You don’t need to adjust it.
8 When the gourd is cooked, it becomes slightly transparent. Sprinkle the salt, turn off the heat, cover the pot and simmer for 5 minutes.

Sprinkle with scallions and you’re done.


Make sure the ribs are well prepared before you cook them. Don’t put the ribs in hot water. Cold water into the ribs to cook better.Increase the amount of ribs, the soup will be better

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