Top grade tofu


The main material of a bean curd is the tenderest kind of bean curd, but it is a little difficult to make, because the bean curd is tender and needs to go through several production processes, so it is fragile. But when it’s done, it’s crispy, springy, and has a wonderful, lingering taste.



Lactone tofu In moderation
Oil In moderation
Salt In moderation
Thick chili In moderation
Fish sauce In moderation
Ginger In moderation
Garlic In moderation
Seed powder of Chinese prickly ash In moderation
Egg In moderation
Ground beef In moderation
Onions In moderation
Cornstarch In moderation

Steps of Top grade tofu




1 Mince the red chilli.

Please remove the chilli seeds, otherwise it will be hot.

2 Slice the ginger into thin slices
3 Cut the garlic into small pieces.
4 Put the chilli, ginger and garlic into the cooking machine and beat into minced mushrooms
5 Put a little oil in the pot, add chili sauce, add salt, pepper powder, chicken powder, fish sauce seasoning, constantly stir until you want to thick consistency.
6 Cut the tofu into the size you like.
7 Prepare minced ginger, red pepper, onion and beef.

8 Carefully place the cubes into the starch to coat it with starch.
9 Add another layer of egg mixture.
10 Fry the bean curd until golden brown and remove.

11 Put a little oil in the pot, pour in the beef, red pepper, chopped onion stir fry until the beef discoloration, add a little cooking wine.
12 Pour proper amount of chili sauce, stir fry evenly, fry the material after pouring on the surface of tofu can be.


Because tofu is very tender, a little careless will be easy to break, it is because of this to create a unique taste of tofu!

The starch coating is used to dry the water on the surface of the tofu, and the egg coating is used to make the skin yellowish and crispy. Wrap the egg and cook it immediately to prevent it from running off.

I deliberately made the sauce thick so that the crispy skin of the tofu would not be damaged, and the tofu could also be used to make rice or noodles after eating the sauce.

If you like the sauce to be thin, you can make the chilli sauce thin, add a little stock, then thicken the sauce, and fry the minced meat with a little more oil.

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