Tomato pasta

Tomato pasta

Tomato pasta (番茄意大利面)


One pasta
1 tomato
Ketchup in moderation
Half an onion
A moderate amount of minced meat
Black pepper to taste
A moderate amount of garlic
A moderate amount of chopped green onion
A moderate amount of oil
A moderate amount of starch
A moderate amount of salt


1 Cook the pasta for 10 minutes, drain it out of cold water, add some oil and mix well. Tomato pasta
2 Add starch, salt, marinate for a while, peel and dice the tomatoes, shred the Onions (and prepare some chopped scallions and minced garlic) and set aside Tomato pasta
3 Heat the oil in the wok and stir in the chopped garlic and spring onion until fragrant. Stir in the diced meat for a while. Add in the onion shreds and continue to stir. Tomato pasta
4 Pour in the tomatoes and stir fry until the juice comes out, then add some tomato sauce and continue to fry. Tomato pasta
5 Finally, add the pasta and stir fry. Sprinkle with black pepper.complete! Tomato pasta


Butter tastes better. I used cooking oil , and it tastes good too!

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