Tomato fish

 Tomato fish番茄鱼



Tomato hotpot base 1 package
Silver carp 1 (1 kg)
Onion ginger garlic in moderation
Cooking wine in moderation
Salt, chicken essence, pepper powder
A moderate amount of starch
A chunk of lard




All the ingredients (pepper is not)


 Fish can be sliced or cut into chunks.Stir in cooking wine, salt, chicken essence, white pepper and starch.


Knead and set aside.

4 Saute garlic and ginger in lard. A little more. (fish cooked in lard will taste better)  
5 Add stock (or water) and add more.
6 Bring the water to a boil and remove the garlic and ginger.
7 Pour the tomato base into the soup and add the chopped tomatoes. Boil together
8 When the soup comes to a boil, cook the fish head first, then season with salt. When the head is out the fish heads and tomatoes.
9 Add the fillets to the pan one by one and cook for about 1.2 minutes. Pour the fish fillet and soup into the fish head bowl. Heat the oil and stir-fry some garlic and ginger and sesame seeds. Pour into the freshly cooked tomato fish soup. Finally, sprinkle with scallions.  



Lard lard, use lard when cooking fish.

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