Tomato cake

Tomato cake

Tomato cake (番茄糕)



30 grams of sugar
2 tomatoes
50 grams of corn starch
A moderate amount of coconut


1 Wash the tomatoes and cut them into small pieces. Tomato cake
2 Mix tomato juice with the blender.’ Tomato cake
3 Bring to a boil and add rock sugar until melted. Tomato cake
4 Add starch water and continue to boil. Tomato cake
5 Keep stirring until it thickens Tomato cake
6 Place in molds and refrigerate for two hours. Tomato cake
7 Remove and cut into pieces. Tomato cake
8 Wrap it with coconut and you’re done. Tomato cakeTomato cake


Ordinary ingredients, no additives, simple production, the most important is delicious, children like.

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