Tomato and egg noodles


One or two tomatoes

Two grams of granulated sugar

two eggs

Two spring onion

A clove of garlic

Five to ten grams of salt

A noodles

5  – 10 g black pepper

10g of salt

2g soy sauce



Green onion  and garlic,be sure to cut very fine. Beat the eggs, peel and dice the tomatoes. Eggs can also be beaten with an egg beater, so that when the pan fry will immediately fluffy.


First, we heat up the wok with 10ml oil, add the eggs to the wok with the hot oil (about 90% hot oil), cook the eggs until the bottom of the pan is cooked for 5-10s, then stir them until they are golden brown. Then remove from the pan ..


Add 5ml oil, add minced scallion and garlic to stir-fry until fragrant, then add tomato.


Saute tomato until soft, simmer for a while until tomato juice comes out.


Add the eggs, fill the puffy egg with tomato juice, and add 2 grams of granulated sugar.


Add water and boil,Add 2g light soy sauce and stir well. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Add white granulated sugar, 1-2 grams, no need for sweetness. Sugar is added only to make the soup more delicious.


Add two or three drops of light soy sauce and stir well. Add scallions and turn off the heat 2-3s. The noodles are done.



Minced garlic and scallion white granulated sugar is the role of fresh, do not too much, cut finely, eat noodles do not feel their presence, but let the taste is rich.

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