The steamed stuffed bun



500 g pork

Light soy sauce with a little
Little water (stir meat)
250g of water (and dough)
Soy sauce with a little
Chicken essence
Some salt
4g yeast (5 g in winter)
500 g flour
6 mushroom





Pour 500g plain flour into a container. Pour in 4 grams of yeast. It’s best to melt the yeast in warm water first in winter. Summer can go right in.

2 About 250 grams of cold water, also can use warm water, a small number of times to stir the surface into the surface floccule. It is better to have more water, the dough will be soft, and the dough will be soft and fluffy.

Roll into a smooth dough, pull on plastic wrap and let rise to 2 times the size.



Pork, buy half lean and half fat, add scallion to mince the meat, so you don’t have to add scallion later.


Chop up fresh shiitake mushrooms. Pour all the seasonings into the meat and stir, vigorously, clockwise.Stir in some water. Then pull the plastic wrap and refrigerate.


After the dough is fermented, the dough is twisted into long strips and cut into small pieces.


Press the dough into a thick center and thin edges.


Put the meat filling inside and make a bun.


Steamer cloth wet with water, cold water on the pot 5 minutes later fire, fire steam for about 15 minutes.Turn off the heat for 5 minutes before removing the lid.


Also can change oneself like each kind of filling, also can very good!

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