Sweet and Sour Pork Tenderloin



A piece of pork tenderloin

One egg

Proper amount of cooking wine

A moderate amount of salt

Pepper to taste

Tomato sauce right amount

Vinegar right amount

A moderate amount of sugar

 Starch + flour 1:1




Clean pork loin and cut into long strips


Add salt, black pepper, cooking wine and 1 egg. Mix well and marinate for 10 minutes or half an hour.


Then add the right amount of starch, and then add the same amount of flour. Stir well. No liquid, but not lumps.


Heat up to 50 % oil, fry meat in medium heat, try to one by one, avoid adhesion.


Turn a little yellow and fish out.


Heat up to 80 percent of the oil and fry the freshly Fried meat again. (taste better). Stir quickly to heat up the meat evenly. Turn off the heat and fry for about 20 seconds.


 Then pour out the oil and leave a little bit. Add tomato sauce, 10G sugar and vinegar. The taste is mixed by yourself, you can taste it. When the sugar has melted, add a plate of water and continue to boil.


When you boil it, you have to keep stirring it, keep making bubbles.


Pour in the Fried meat, stir fry quickly and evenly. Remove from pan and sprinkle with sesame seeds.



When frying the tenderloin, you have to fry it twice.

You can also do it with chicken breast

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