Stir fry assorted vegetable


Stir fry assorted vegetable (炒合菜)



Three eggs
Amount of White pepper to taste
Amount of light soy sauce
A spoonful of salt
Bean sprouts in moderation
Leek in moderation





Crack three eggs Add 1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon white pepper and mix well.


2 Heat the oil and add some spring Onions to the pan. Shake the oil in the pan and pour in the egg mixture.  

Spread into a piece of cake, Fried eggs poured out, cut into shreds.



Hot pot pour oil, in turn into bean sprouts, vermicelli, soy sauce, eggs, Fried for a short while, before the pot into leeks. Use less salt. Stir-fry it a few times.



Super simple and delicious home cooking, like friends to try it!

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