Spinach with egg skin



The spinach

Three eggs

40 g peanuts

15 g sesame oil

1.5 g of salt

8 g oyster sauce

Proper amount of white sesame



Prepare the material



Beat eggs, pinch salt and brush with oil. Pour in the egg mixture and fry over a low heat until forms.


Cut the egg skin into shreds




Blanch spinach in hot water, pass cold water twice, remove and drain.



Sauce: oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, as needed, not too salty


Add the vegetables to the sauce.mix well


Fry the peanuts until done. Put some oil in, and they’ll be crisp.


Sprinkle with Fried sesame seeds and peanuts. Stir well.



Spinach, is the recommended green food in the diet, low in calories, low in fat. Less oil less salt less sugar, the same can eat full eat healthy.

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