Spicy strips


Garlic powder 30 g
Cumin 5 g
White pepper 2 g

Chinese prickly ash 30 grams

40 grams of paprika
Sesame 30 g
Sugar 30 g
fresh fragrant powder
Concentrate five grams of
Chili powder 80 g
Bay leaf 2 slices
Anise 5 g
Cinnamon 5 g
50 g onion
Ginger 50 g
Rapeseed oil 700 g
Five-spice powder 3 g
Chicken powder, 30 g
30 g of salt
Peanut powder 30 g
MSG 20 g




Powder: mix 30g red peppercorns, 2g white pepper, 5g cumin and 5g cumin evenly and put them into the powder beater.


Prepare the other 11 spices: 80g of chili powder, 5g of concentrated fresh powder, 30g of sugar, 30g of sesame, 40g of chili powder, 30g of garlic powder, 30g of peanut powder, 20g of MSG, 30g of chicken powder, 30g of salt, 3g of five-spice powder.


Mix all the above powder with the first step powder and stir well. Set aside.


Oil: rapeseed oil 700g, oil temperature 130 degrees into 50g ginger slices, Fried for 3 minutes into 50g green onion, 30g green onion, cinnamon 5g, anise 5g, 2 pieces of bay leaf.


Fry over medium heat until caramelized. Remove from heat.


Pour the newly mixed powder into the oil at 180 ° c, stir and cool evenly.


Prepare the noodle of the beef tendon, blanch for 10 seconds, remove and set aside.


Stir the cooled chili oil and pour it into the noodle of the beef tendon.


Mix well and finish


The chili oil will blend better when cooled, but be careful to mix well before using.

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