Spicy Soup

Spicy Soup (胡辣汤)



Beef tenderloin 200g
A bean curd skin
A handful of kelp
A handful of shredded ham
A parsley
2 tablespoons vinegar
A few drops of light soy sauce
A moderate amount of ginger slice
A moderate amount of green Onions
A moderate amount of salt
3 grams of pepper
2 teaspoons of starch





Chopped Onions and ginger, seaweed, ham, bean curd skin shred.

Iron the tofu shreds with boiling water to remove the taste of the tofu skin.



 Put a little oil in the pot, add onion and ginger foam stir-fry until fragrant, add water to bring to a boil.


Add the kelp, ham and tofu after the water boils.


Bring to the boil again and add a small amount of starch until light and mushy. Adding too much at once is easy to thicken.


After boiling, the egg is beaten into the pot, then add salt, pepper, light soy sauce (a small amount of flavor), vinegar two spoons, like to eat acid can be more, specific according to their own taste on the line. Garnish with cilantro.




Season to your liking.

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