Small Fried dough sticks






9 g vegetable oil
100 grams of high gluten flour
1.5 grams of yeast
52 grams of water
1 g of salt



Add all the ingredients and mix to form a smooth dough. Then wake up for 30 minutes at room temperature!


After waking up, take it out and put it on the mat. Knead long strips.

Put it in a box, cover it and ferment it at room temperature in the winter and refrigerate it overnight in the summer


It was fermented the next morning.


Remove and do not knead.It looks like this


Cut them one by one


Dip your chopsticks into the water and press down the surface. And then put the two overlaps together. Pinch both ends Let them stick together,


When the oil is 70% hot, put in the fritters and fry.


When frying, you need to lengthen the noodles. The oil temperature should be higher so that the dough sticks expand faster.


1. The oil must be very hot to be Fried in the pan, so that it will become bigger and puffy.

2. When taking out, do not knead, stretch and beat flat.

3. Since it is fermented with yeast only and nothing else is added, those who want to taste better can add milk and eggs!

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