Silky Fowl soup



Half a silky fowl
Ten piece of astragalus membranaceus
8 grain of chinese wolfberry
10 longan pork
A moderate amount of peanuts
Eight red jujube





Cut the Silky Fowl into large pieces.


Put hot water in a wok, add ginger slices and Silky Fowl, and quickly blanch for about 1 minute.


Blanch the chicken and rinse with cold water, then add the stock (peanuts, astragalus, longan and jujube) and goji berries before cooking.


Add cold water and cover with at least one large bowl of water.


Once it’s simmered, season with a little salt, add the wolfberry and let it simmer for another minute.The chicken is soft and tender, and the chicken soup is nourishing and not greasy.


1. Cut the silky fowl into large pieces.

2. Black chicken is blanched to remove the smell.

3. Simmer in a casserole for better taste.

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