Shredded radish salad

Shredded radish salad

Shredded radish salad (凉拌萝卜丝)


A turnip
1 Chinese parsley
A little sesame oil (or chili oil)
A moderate amount of balsamic vinegar
A moderate amount of soy sauce
A moderate amount of salt
A moderate amount of White sugar


1 Cut the radish into fine shreds and the cilantro into shreds. Shredded radish salad
2 Add salt, mix well and leave for about an hour to remove the spiciness. Shredded radish salad
3 Squeeze out the water and add sesame oil or chili oil, or both, then add light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, sprinkle with cilantro. Shredded radish salad
4 Mix well and sprinkle some cooked sesame seeds on top. Shredded radish salad


When we say moderate, we mean how much depends on the amount of all the ingredients. It doesn’t have to be a few grams. As long as you see fit.


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