Hand-shredded cabbages


Half of the cabbage

Five clove of garlic

Five dried chillies

One tablespoon light soy sauce

Two tablespoons steamed fish in soy sauce

A spoonful of oyster sauce

1/4 tablespoons chicken essence



Cut the cabbage into large pieces by hand and put them into the water.



Prepare the garlic and dried chillies. Coarsely cut garlic is better.


Add 1 tablespoon light soy sauce to bowl. 2 tablespoons steamed fish soy sauce. 1 tablespoon oyster sauce. Stir chicken essence evenly.




Heat the oil in the pot, add the garlic and dried chilli, stir until fragrant.


Stir – fry the cabbage in a wok. Heat over high heat, add sauce and fry for 20 seconds. If you like sour food, you can add vinegar appropriately.


Hand tear cabbage, is completed.



 the whole process of fire, 1 minute to the pot.

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