Dumpling wrappers one catty
sticky rice 500g
Dried mushrooms Seven
dried black fungus six
carrot In moderation
Ginger a small quantity
Onions a small quantity
pork 300g-400g
Soya sauce Three to four tablespoons
The old smoke soy sauce A small spoon
thick broad-bean sauce A small spoon
White sugar a small quantity


1 Prepare materials. The glutinous rice should be soaked for at least 2 hours. Dried fungus, dried mushroom bubble after cut into small cubes. Carrots, dice, Onions, dice. Chop up the pork.
2 Wash the glutinous rice, on the pot fire steam 20 minutes, steam on the line, don’t steam too long.
3 Heat up the oil in the wok, put the minced meat into it and fry the oil. Put the minced ginger, scallion and onion into it and fry until fragrant. Put shitake, agaric, diced carrot, stir-fry, add bean paste, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, fry a fragrance, add a small bowl of water, boil for a while,  salt and sugar. Leave a little juice, and finally put in the glutinous rice
4 Put the steamed glutinous rice into the pot.
5 Stir and add the scallions.
6 Put the wrappers together and roll the edges thin with a rolling pin. The middle is thick and the edge is thin best. It’s going to be nice.


7 Start package, dumpling skin around the need to paint water, convenient adhesive.
8 Just squeeze it like this, Do a few more, will be very skilled
9 Start steaming, in order to prevent adhesion, can brush a little oil in the bottom, before the pot remember to use a small spray pot spray water on the shaomai.  Steam for 7-10 minutes.
10 Serve with your favorite soup. A delicious and nutritious meal.


If oneself make face skin, mix face with boiled water commonly, join cold water again and face, rolling pin roll skin, roll out face skin is thin, the middle puts filling, need not wrap, it is ok to knead, steam is cooked next. Thin filling, bottom is round, thin in the middle, the upper part of the lace, beautiful and deliciou

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