Scrambled eggs bread

Scrambled eggs bread(鸡蛋饼)


Three tablespoonof oil
A onion
2 g of salt
5 g flour
5 eggs



1 Whisk together the eggs, flour, scallions and olive oil in a container.



Put a little olive oil in the pan, other oils will do.



Egg batter stir, afraid of what delicious ingredients are sunk, spread uneven. The whole process of low heat, the pot is too hot easy to burn.


When you’re done, roll him up.
5 Finished product: I think it tastes good with tomato sauce.


Still can put sausage, bacon, celery, carrot,  cheese to wait, the space that taste develops is very big. But whatever you put in there, make sure it’s in a shape that’s easy to ripen, like small pieces…

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