Pig bone corn soup



500 grams of pig bone
 2 spring onion
 A moderate amount of salt
 A moderate amount of ginger
 500 g yam
 1 carrot
 A corn





All materials.

2 Wash pork bone, next few pieces of ginger and scallion white parts, a tablespoon cooking wine, blanch for two to three minutes, blanch while filtering out the foam.  

After blanching the bones and all the ingredients together with cold water into the pot, I use an electric rice cooker, soup key set 2.5 ~ 3 hours.


During the twenty or thirty minutes to open and gently stir, huai shan fragile, see huai shan cooked you can take a bowl to scoop up some, keep some, because the stew will melt, the soup will become thick. Cook until the bone and meat can separate, and you’re almost there. Turn off the heat and add some salt.


Put the soup into the bowl, sprinkle some scallions, it’s ok!


The scallions are not cooked together in the soup, but are added to the bowl according to personal preference.

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