Oyster sauce lettuce



40 g ketchup

a head of lettuce

Half garlic

Two little chilies

Two tablespoons oyster sauce

Two grams of salt

Five grams of sugar

One gram chicken essence

A little water starch




Prepare a large lettuce, half a head of garlic and two small peppers.


Wash the lettuce.


Put water in the pot, add a little oil and salt. Boil the lettuce and cook for 10 seconds. Not too long, Out of the pan Rinse immediately with cold water.


Put a little oil in the wok, put garlic and chili after the oil is hot and fry until fragrant. Add oyster sauce, salt, sugar, chicken essence, and water starch, stir fry over low heat.


Pour in the sauce and water, stir well and simmer for 1-2 minutes until the sauce is ready.


After the soup thickens, drain the lettuce and stir fry evenly. Be careful not to fry the lettuce too long and keep the taste of the lettuce.



Make sure you don’t fry it too long, It tastes better.

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