Nutritious Steamed Egg

Nutritious Steamed Egg

Nutritious Steamed Egg (营养鸡蛋羹)


4 Japanese tofu
6 prawns
1 green Chinese onion
2 slices ginger
A red bell pepper
1 g of salt
2 tablespoons steamed fish soy sauce


1 All the ingredients Nutritious Steamed Egg
2 Cut thick slices of Japanese tofu, place them on a plate, beat eggs, add a little salt, add 1.2 times water, stir well, skim froth, remove shrimps, spring Onions, ginger and red pepper, shred and soak in water, set aside. Nutritious Steamed Egg
3 Pour the egg mixture into the plate Nutritious Steamed Egg
4 Steam for eight minutes, place the shrimps and steam for another four minutes Nutritious Steamed Egg
5 Put the vegetable shreds, drizzle with the steamed fish soy sauce, heat the oil in the pot, drizzle over the vegetable shreds. Nutritious Steamed Egg


Cover with clingfilm before steaming, then make a few small holes with a toothpick to prevent water vapor from flowing into the plate. Steam over high heat for two minutes, then steam over medium heat until the egg is set. The shrimps should be put in last to prevent the shrimps from steaming.

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