noodles with soybean paste


500g pork

Two cucumber

A moderate amount of ginger

Half of the garlic

A suitable amount of noodle

A spoonful of sweet flour sauce

Three tablespoons of soy sauce



Cut pork belly into cubes, ginger into ginger, garlic into small cubes.



Soybean paste, sweet bean paste, from the supermarket, because the supermarket only two.


Mix soybean paste and sweet bean paste at 2:1. Stir with a little water if you feel it thickening. According to their own taste, love to eat sweet can put more sweet sauce.


In a hot wok, add a little more peanut oil and fry the meat. Two or three minutes later, add the ginger, stir fry a few times, pour into the good sauce, continue to stir fry.

Note: keep stirring to until the sauce and oil are clearly separated. Add some garlic to add flavor..


Boil the noodles, cut the cucumber shreds, pour on the Fried sauce, and eat!

If you can’t finish the sauce, you can put it in the refrigerator and take it out when you eat it. You’d better finish it within a week, so as not to expire.


Special reminder: no salt! No salt! No salt!

Important matter say three times! The sauce alone is salty enough, no need for salt!

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