Noodles served with oil


A spring Onions

Two tablespoons soy sauce

One tablespoon of dark soy sauce

A little sugar

Proper amount of cooking oil

Onions in moderation





Light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, sugar. Mix all together, stirring until sugar dissolves.




Rinse and drain scallion parts. Cut the onion into shreds.



Pour oil into pot, add onion, onion leaves, medium heat stir dry water.



Pour in the mixed soy sauce, boil immediately after the heat off. The onion oil is ready.


Pour just enough sauce into the pan. Small fire throughout. Start bubbling around the edges of the pan, add the cooked noodles (don’t overcook), and quickly toss with your chopsticks..



Makings oil make: spice + oil boil make

Spices: star anise, cumin, sichuan peppercorns, garlic, cinnamon, ginger, scallion segments

Oil: peanut oil 2: flaxseed oil 1: olive oil 1

Wish you a happy life!

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