Mushroom and chicken soup



Half a hen

Eight mushrooms

three slices ginger

A spring Onions

one handful of goji berries

A moderate amount of salt





Chop the chicken into small pieces and rinse. Cut off the root of the mushroom and rinse.


Add some water to the pot and blanch the chicken.


Wash the chicken. Pour into an electric pressure cooker, add ginger slices, mushrooms and water. If you like soup, add more water, close the lid, and press the soup button.


The cooking time depends on the pot. After the cooking, add wolfberry, edible salt and a little chicken essence and stir well.


Finally, sprinkle with scallion, the taste is very delicious, oily but not greasy.



1. When cooking chicken soup, put cold water in the pot, and add enough water at one time. Don’t add water in the middle.

2. Remove the internal organs when making chicken soup. Cut off the nails on the chicken feet. They contain a lot of bacteria, which makes soup unhealthy.

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