Leek pie


Leek pie(韭菜馅饼)



250 grams of leek
Three eggs
a little small shrimps
a little vermicelli
Seasonings: lard, sesame oil, salt, chicken powder, five-spice powder
350 grams of plain flour
One egg
200 grams of water



1 Add an egg to 350 grams of flour.

Pour 200g of water into the dough.



Stir well with chopsticks.


 4 Put the lid on.
5 Step 2: prepare the filling: wash the leeks and soak the vermicelli in warm water.
6 Beat three eggs and add a spoonful of cooking wine to get rid of the fishy taste. Stir well.
7 Heat the pan and scoop out a ladle of lard. The addition of lard will block out the spicy flavor of leeks.
8 Heat the oil ,add the beaten egg mixture, wait for two seconds, and beat quickly with chopsticks.
9 Use a shovel to break it up.
10 When done, cool in a bowl.
11 Pour a little oil into the pan and fry a handful of shrimps.
12 Fry the shrimps until the fresh smell comes out and the shrimps harden.
13 Place in an egg bowl and let cool
14 Bring a pot of water to the boil, and put in the soaked vermilelli until done. Let cool before chopping.
15 Cut up the leeks
16 Put the leeks with the vermicelli. Pour a few sesame oil first go in, such can prevent leek to encounter salt to give too much moisture. The amount of sesame oil is not too little oh, let it wrap around each section of leek.
17 Pour in the egg and shrimp skins and mix well.
18 Add some salt, some five-spice powder, some chicken powder, mix well and the filling is ready.
19 Grease your hands to stop them sticking.
20 Make a smooth dough with greased hands
21 Use your hands directly to make dough on the cutting board.
22 Put in the filling and wrap it up.
23 Heat the oil in a pan and press the filling directly into the pan to form a pie.
24 Always use a small fire, one side is golden brown then turn it over.
25 Golden on both sides.



Introduce of very detailed, the friend that likes Chinese pie tries quickly!

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