Hot and sour soup



A piece of tofu
1 teaspoons of chicken essence
Four teaspoons of vinegar
A moderate amount of sweet potato starch
Black pepper in moderation
White pepper in moderation
1 the root parsley
One egg
5 slices shredded ham
10 black fungus





Prepare the material according to the picture, adjust the juice reserve: sweet potato starch + white pepper + black pepper + light soy sauce + vinegar + chicken essence, salty and spicy according to their preferences.

2 Bring the water to a boil and add all the ingredients. Agaric is used now bubble, do not overnight, otherwise bubble too long toxic.  

Pepper, white pepper and black pepper, one for flavor and one for texture. Add the sauce, beat the eggs, add the salt.


The last,sprinkle coriander into a bowl to keep it green.



Out of the pot, put a little sesame oil and coriander, titian + color match.

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