Hot and sour chicken feet



500 g chicken feet
3-4 slices of lemon
Four slices of ginger
2 tablespoons rice wine
2 tablespoons rice wine
White sugar in moderation
A garlic
A good amount of sesame oil
Vinegar right amount

 Proper amount of soy sauce (light soy sauce)

50 g parsley
10-15 small chillies





Wash the chicken feet, cut them in half, put the cooking wine and ginger slices into the pot in cold water and boil for 6 minutes. Soak the chicken feet in cold water. Ice water is better.

2 Wash the cilantro, small red pepper cut into segments, chopped garlic set aside。  

Put the cut ingredients into the bowl, add soy sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and vinegar to add more, good flavor. Then add the sugar and sesame oil.


Drain the cold chicken feet, pour them into a mixing bowl, stir, and add the lemon slices.


Cover and refrigerate for 5-6 hours before serving. It’s too good to stop


You can’t cook the chicken feet too long. Five or six minutes is enough.

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