Golden corn


Golden corn (黄金玉米烙)



Appropriate amount of granulated sugar
About 40g dry starch
Two sweet corn





The sweet corn is boiled in water ,about five minutes.


2 When cooked corn cools, remove the kernels. The kernels will stick together and need to be separated by hand.  

Wet the surface of the kernels with water and drain off the excess water.



Mix the kernels with the dry starch so that the kernels are coated with starch. (the surface of the kernels should not be too dry, it needs to be wet, otherwise it can not be coated with starch)


Heat half a bowl of oil in a wok and pour out. turn the heat down and leave a little oil in the pan.


Pour in the corn kernels and gently flatten. Then saute them on a low heat for three to five minutes, allowing them to stick together to form a complete cake. You can take the whole pan and gently shake.)



 At this point, add the oil that has been poured out after heating, the amount of oil should be less than the corn kernels. Turn the heat to high over medium heat and fry for 3 minutes until the kernels are golden and crisp.


 Turn off the heat and pour out the oil.


  Like to eat sweet on the sprinkle a few coarse granulated sugar, kitchen paper ready on the cutting board, the corn seared on top to absorb excess oil.



1.I make it with fresh sweet corn from the market, which is usually made with canned corn kernels in restaurants. It tastes better.

2. Cook the corn before you cook it, so as to get rid of the taste of raw corn.

3. Many people say it will fail because the tortilla. So here’s a solution: replace the dry starch with a mixture of glutinous rice flour and dry starch. The ratio of dry starch to glutinous rice flour is 3:1. Because glutinous rice flour is sticky, it tends to stick to the surface of the corn when wet.

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