Garlic Okra

Garlic Okra

Garlic Okra  (蒜蓉秋葵)


A moderate amount of okra
A moderate amount of garlic
A moderate amount of oil
A moderate amount of salt
A moderate amount of sugar
A moderate amount of soy sauce
Some water


1 Wash the okra, cut the stem, boil a pot of water into a few drops of vegetable oil, add a small spoon of salt, the okra blanched for a minute or two . Garlic Okra
2 Prepare garlic, soy sauce, salt, sugar and a little water to stir the sauce.

Heat wok with oil, saute garlic, add sauce and stir-fry until fragrant.

Garlic Okra
3 Pour over the platter of okra, done! Garlic OkraGarlic Okra


And when we say moderate, we mean how much depending on the amount of ingredients. It doesn’t have to be a few grams. As long as you feel delicious is a good dish.

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