Fried Glutinous rice ball


250 grams of glutinous rice flour

A piece of brown sugar
1 kg of vegetable oil



Stir part of the glutinous rice flour into a paste with boiling water. Add dry glutinous rice flour and make a smooth dough. And round balls. Press the sticky rice ball again.


Heat oil to 50% and add glutinous rice cake. Fry until white floating on the surface. Remove


Then, in a clean pan, add the brown sugar and a small spoon of water and keep stirring. Until the sugar is sticky.


A delicious snack is ready,  sprinkle sesame will be more delicious.



Knead glutinous rice flour must knead even. Add brown sugar and add a tablespoon of water to stir fry. Make sure the fire is small. Too much fire makes sugar bitter.

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