Fried asparagus lettuce silk


Fried asparagus lettuce silk (清炒莴笋丝)


One asparagus lettuce
moderate amount of red pepper
a amount of garlic
a amount of oil



1 One asparagus lettuce . Red pepper is used as a garnish.
2 Bring water and a little salt to the boil. Add asparagus lettuce silk. Boil for 30 seconds and drain.

Make some starch water. Starch needs only a small spoon, about 50 grams of water, stir well.

 4 Saute the garlic in oil, then pour in all the ingredients. Since the asparagus lettuce silk has been blanched, it doesn’t need to be Fried for long. Add salt and cornstarch water (stir well) .

Asparagus lettuce, try to buy this kind of skin a little purple, more fragrant, more green color.


The red pepper in this dish is used for decoration. If you don’t like it, you can keep it.

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