Fleshy foam vermicelli


A handful of sweet potato noodles

300 g minced meat

Two tablespoons of rice wine

Two tablespoons of broad bean paste

Proper amount of onion, ginger and garlic

Some salt

Three green garlic shoots

One tablespoon of dark soy sauce



Prepare thin and fat pork, minced into minced meat, do not chop too small. If it’s too crushed, it’s pork puree.



Soak the sweet potato powder in water for about half an hour.


Cut the garlic sprout into segments




Chop garlic. Ginger according to their own needs. More or less.



Heat oil and fry minced meat. Fry until the minced meat turns brown and the water dries. Add cooking wine, stir fry wine flavor, add garlic. Ginger.


Add broad bean paste.


Add the potato powder and stir fry. Can add a small amount of water, prevent sweet potato powder stick pot. Taste the salt, because the bean paste is salty, a little less salt.


Fry until sweet potato powder changes color, can add a little Mature vinegar

. Add the leeks and stir fry for a while.


Put it on a plate



1, choose a little higher content of sweet potato powder, taste better, stir fry not easy to break.

2. Do not fry with too little oil. Sweet potato flour oil more delicious, not easy to stick to the pot.

3, do not like green garlic seedlings, can be used instead of leek, also very delicious.

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