Family roast duck

Family roast duck

Family roast duck (家庭版烤鸭)


a duck
Supermarket dumpling wrappers
Green onion, cucumber, sweet bean sauce
The soy sauce
Cinnamon, bay leaf, star anise
Five spices powder (or thirteen spices)


1 A clean duck, wash clean, dry the water, air outside and inside until dry. It takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Family roast duck
2 Prepare the skin marinade:

Prepare a dish of soy sauce, add a few bay leaves, cinnamon bark, and 2,3 star anise. Mix well and let soak for a few hours to fill the sauce with spices.

Family roast duck
3 Prepare internal marinade:

After the duck skin is dried, mix it with about 10g of mixed spices, including thirteen spices (or five spices) and salt.

Family roast duck
4 pour the mixed powder into the duck. Then reach in and massage, thoroughly rub the marinade into the duck

Family roast duck
5 Spread the marinated soy sauce evenly on the dried duck. Apply it several times to make sure that the duck’s wings, neck and other parts are evenly coated, presenting a beautiful soy sauce color.

Spread the duck, wrap it and put it in the fridge to marinate overnight.

(The reason for soaking the soy sauce with the whole spice instead of the spice powder is to keep the skin clean and tasty.)

Family roast duck
6 The salted duck is taken out of the fridge as shown in the picture.

Place on a grill. Place on a baking sheet.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, about 175 degrees Celsius. Bake the duck for 30 minutes.

Family roast duck
7 Take out after 30 minutes, quickly brush with a layer of honey, add and bake for about 30 minutes and brush with another layer of honey.

Brush on another layer of honey after another 30 minutes.

It takes about 90 minutes.

For the last 30 minutes

Observe the surface of the duck in the oven. If you feel the duck turning black, cover it with tin foil before baking.

You don’t have to flip it. It takes about an hour and a half to complete.

Family roast duck
8 The final color of the roast duck is something like this.

Family roast duck
9 Make Duck Cake (Easy version)

Buy a box of dumpling wrappers from a supermarket.

Open the wrappers layer by layer, brush evenly a layer of cooking oil in the middle of each layer, and then pile together, about every 7-8 pieces pile together, take the rolling pin evenly rolling, until the appropriate size. (Not too thin is recommended)
Then, steam through water. for 5 minutes is about the same.

Family roast duck

Steamed, separated, is a thin sheet of roast duck cake.

Family roast duck
 11 Serve with sweet bean sauce, shredded cucumber and green onion. (The duck meat, shredded cucumber, shredded green onion and sweet bean sauce are wrapped in steamed roast duck skin. It’s delicious.)

Family roast duck



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