Eggs Fried dumplings


quick-frozen dumpling twelve
eggs two
black sesame a modicum
broccoli In moderation


1 Brush the bottom of the pot with some oil and put the frozen dumplings into the pot. Cook on a low heat.
2 Fried dumplings. Fry the bottom yellow. Then add water, water over two-thirds of the dumplings, cover  steamed.
3 When the pot is dry and squeaky, the dumplings are almost done.
4 Wait until the bottom of the egg is slightly yellow. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. It’s ready to go.
5 The pot is boiling water. Add salt and a few drops of oil. Iron the cauliflower until done. I use cauliflower on top, as a decoration.
6 Remove the cauliflower from the water and put it in the middle of the dumpling for decoration.
7 With a favorite drink, a delicious breakfast.



This is an easy pasta to learn。 if you need to lose weight. Suggest the bottom of the pot do not brush oil, because the dumplings themselves have oil. This is an easy pasta to learn

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