Egg tart (Homely version)


Egg tart (蛋挞)



65 grams of milk
2.5 grams of corn starch
10-15 grams of sugar
50 g butter
2 Egg yolks





Pour the milk into a clean container.


2 Add the light cream and add the egg yolks.  

Add sugar and cornstarch.


Mix well and strain through a strainer. (better taste).


Pour into the egg tart shell, 9 points full (accidentally put in the oven may overflow, it is recommended to cover with oil paper baking sheet)


Oven to 200 degrees for 20 minutes, each oven has a certain difference, pay attention to observe the surface coloring, timely adjust the time.



When pouring the egg mixture into the custard tart shell, don’t overfill it.  or it will overflow.

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