Crispy Pork floss on toast



Crispy Pork floss on toast (肉松吐司)


4 slices toast
Some shredded cheese
Some salad dressing
A moderate amount of crispy pork floss
A moderate amount of black sesame
Diced carrots
A moderate amount of green Onions
Two eggs



1 Mix the egg, onion, carrot and sesame seeds in a bowl.

Remove the edges from the toast. Roll with a rolling pin, spread with salad dressing, layer with nori floss, and add some chopped cheese. press Coat with egg mixture.

2 Brush the pan with a layer of oil, fry the toast rolls in turn to medium heat until set, turn over and fry them in all directions until golden brown and cooked.Squeeze some salad dressing on both sides and dip it in the crispy pork floss.

The finished product.




And when we say moderate, we mean how much depending on the amount of ingredients. It doesn’t have to be a few grams. As long as you feel delicious is a good dish.

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