Chinese yam millet porridge



Millet 100 grams
100 g yam
Chinese wolfberry 20 grains
Brown sugar 2 cubes





All the ingredients.


Rinse the millet and drain


Put four bowls of water in the pot and bring to the boil (water should be put enough at one time, halfway will affect the taste)bring to a boil, pour in millet and cook over high heat.


While the millet is cooking, scrape off the skin of the yam and clean it. Cut it into small pieces. (it is best to wear disposable gloves when cutting yam to avoid the juice of yam sticking to the hands, which will itch)


Wash the wolfberry and prepare the brown sugar


After 15 minutes, pour in the yam and turn the heat low and cook until the millet thickens.


Add rock sugar and cook until melted. Add goji berries. Stir well.


1.Remember to add millet after boiling water, so millet porridge is easier to cook sticky.

2. Master the ratio of rice to water. Too little rice will not stick, and too much rice is not good to drink.

3. Immediately turn off the fire after adding the wolfberry, because the wolfberry is not suitable for boiling at high temperature, easy to lose nutrients.

4. Millet porridge is easy to stick to the bottom of the pot when it is ready, so stir more.

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