China’s eight major cuisines

Introduction to the eight cuisines

Traditional Chinese food culture has a long history and there are many genres of cuisine in cooking. These genres form eight major cuisines. They are Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Shandong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Anhui cuisine. Different cuisines have different cooking methods and flavors.

Contributing factor


Local ingredients and customs. There are more cattle and sheep in the north of China, so northerners usually cook with beef and mutton. In southern China, people like fish and meat. Western people are good at pork cooking and eastern people are good at seafood cooking.


Different climates have different flavors. Generally speaking, the northern China is cold and the dishes are dense and salty. In eastern China, the climate is mild and the dishes are mainly sweet and salty. The southwest area is rainy and humid, and the dishes are more tingly (Sichuan peppercorn) and spicy.

3.Cooking methods

Different cooking methods have formed different cuisines. Like shandong cuisine, Beijing cuisine is good at blasting, frying and baking.  Anhui and jiangsu stews, steaming, burning, etc. Sichuan cuisine is good at baking, stir-frying, etc. Cantonese food is good at baking, baking, frying, braising, steaming, etc.

Classification Taste Like Image On behalf of the food
Shandong cuisine Salty fresh, thick oil, red sauce, food therapy and health. (一品豆腐) Yipin tofu(Top grade tofu),

(葱烧海参) Scallion sea cucumber,

(三丝鱼翅) Three wire shark’s fin,

(白扒四宝) Grilled white treasures,

(糖醋黄河鲤鱼) Sweet and sour Yellow River carp,

(油焖大虾) Braised prawns,

(糖醋里脊) Sweet and sour pork,


 Sichuan cuisine  Heavy oil, heavy salt, spicy fresh incense.   (宫保鸡丁) Kung pao chicken,

(水煮鱼) Boiled fish,

(夫妻肺片) Red oil Sliced beef,

(鱼香肉丝) fish flavored pork slices,

(辣子鸡丁) Chicken enchiladas,

(回锅肉) Sichuan style stew pork,

(东坡肘子) Dongpo elbow,

(口水鸡) Mouth-watering chicken,

(火锅) Hot pot,


 Guangdong cuisine  Plain, salty, fresh and light.   (阿一鲍鱼) Ayi abalone,

(广州文昌鸡) Guangzhou wenchang chicken,

(明炉烤乳猪) Roast Suckling pig,

(新龙皇夜宴) The new lobster dinner,

(御品官燕) Top grade bird’s nest,

(清蒸东星斑) Steamed plectropomus leopardus,

(烧鹅) Roast goose,

(潮州卤味) Chaozhou braised food,

(白切鸡) Plain chicken,

(蜜汁叉烧) Sticky barbecued pork,



 Jiangsu cuisine  Sweet and yellow wine   (清汤火方) Clear soup fire party,

(鸭包鱼翅) Duck packages shark’s fin,

(松鼠桂鱼) Squirrel fish,

(西瓜鸡) Watermelon chicken,

(盐水鸭) Salted duck.


 Fujian cuisine  Salty sweet (southern), spicy (northern)    (佛跳墙) Buddha jumps over the wall,

(福州鱼丸) Fuzhou fish balls,

(鼎边糊) Ding edge paste,

(漳州卤面) Zhangzhou halogen surface,

(蚵仔煎) Oyster omelet,

(沙县小吃) Sha county snacks,


 Anhui cuisine  Heavy oil, heavy salt, It tastes heavier.   (徽州毛豆腐) Huizhou hair tofu,

(臭鳜鱼) Smelly mandarin fish,

(火腿炖甲鱼) Stewed ham and turtle,

(红烧果子狸) Braised civets,

(黄山炖鸽) Huangshan stewed pigeon.


 Hunan cuisine  Heavy oil, heavy salt, Spicy and preserved   (红煨鱼翅) Stewed fins,

(剁椒鱼头) Chilli fish head,

(辣椒炒肉) Capsicum Fried meat,

(外婆菜) Grandma food,

(牛肉粉) Beef powder,

(东安鸡) East Anglia chicken,

(腊味合蒸) Steamed bacon,

(姊妹团子) Sister dumplings,

(口味蛇) Delicious snakes.


 Zhejiang cuisine  Fine, unique, fresh, tender, with yellow wine, light   (东坡肉) Soysauced dongpo pork,

(干炸响铃) Fried volume,

(荷叶粉蒸肉) Lotus leaf pink steamed meat,

(西湖醋鱼) The west lake vinegar fish.



Of course, besides these dishes, there are also very good ,that like Yunnan cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine and northeast cuisine.


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