Beef roll with sour soup



A handful of Enoki Mushroom

250g beef roll

Two little peppers

A green pepper.

Two tablespoons of yellow chilli sauce.

Four clove of garlic.


A spoonful of vinegar




Beef roll, Enoki Mushroom, soup concentrate (may not)


Cook the mushroom and place it on the bottom of the bowl


Put a little oil in the pan, heat and add garlic cloves and fry until fragrant. Add peppercorns, 2 teaspoons of yellow chilli paste, stir fry and add hot water and soup concentrate or bone soup. Then scoop out the garlic and pepper in a slotted spoon.


Put in the beef rolls,put in a spoon of white vinegar, this is good to taste, and then adjust the taste according to their own taste


Take out the beef rolls, put it on the mushroom, pour the soup in, put the hot oil on the pepper.



As there is no beef dressing in the sour soup, be sure to buy yellow chili sauce. Yellow chili sauce is the soul of this dish.

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