Baked char siu (rice cooker version)

Baked char siu

Baked char siu (rice cooker version) (电饭锅焗叉烧)


400g pork
2 pieces of ginger
3 root spring onion
10 clove of garlic
5 grams of oil
3 teaspoons of oyster sauce
3 tablespoons char siu sauce
2 tablespoons rice wine


1 Wash the pork belly and dry it with a paper towel.then use a fork to put a lot of small holes in the meat.the meat should be perforated on both sides. Baked char siu
2 Cut the onion, garlic, chopped ginger, oyster sauce, oil, cooking wine into the pork belly. Baked char siu
3 Then mix all the ingredients with the meat. Marinate for 2-3 hours, preferably in the refrigerator. Baked char siu
4 After 2-3 hours, coat the whole meat with char siu sauce and marinate for another hour. Baked char siu
5 Put the marinated meat into the smart rice cooker, cover it and press the cook button. Baked char siu
6 After about 40 minutes, remove the lid from the rice pan and remove the garlic and ginger from the meat. Baked char siu
7 Turn the meat over. Cover the pan and continue to press the cook button. Baked char siu
8 The rice cooker suggests that the dish is finished when it is ready. Baked char siu


No salt, no soy sauce, no water, no drop of water.

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