Lotus root steamed meat



1 section lotus root

200 grams of ground pork

10 g onion

one egg yolk

10 g starch

5 g cooking wine

2g white pepper

Soy sauce right amount

A little green onion



In the minced meat add chopped onion, then add light soy sauce, starch, stir well.

Peel the lotus root. Cut into thin slices. (try to cut it as thin as possible so that it won’t break easily in the end)


If the sliced lotus root is thicker, cook it to soften it.


 Take the right amount of meat into the lotus root slice, the lotus root slice folded.


Place the lotus root on a plate with an egg yolk in the center.


Steam over medium heat for 15-20 minutes, until the lotus root slices are soft.


Mix the soy sauce, oyster sauce and starch into a juice, boil and pour on the lotus root, sprinkle some scallion is finished!


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