Sam Sun dumplings

Sam Sun dumplings. Is a variety of food materials chopped, mixed, made into stuffing made of dumplings, depending on the ingredients and customs, the flavor is different. It can be divided into vegetable three fresh and meat three fresh, salty taste.



shrimp 350g
minced  meat 250g
eggs three
dried mushroom




Chopped green onion

Oyster sauce 10g
Light soy sauce 30g
The old pump 10g
Sesame oil 10g
Zanthoxylum oil 10g
Powdered sugar 10g







Shrimps: buy fresh shrimps, peel shrimps, because the taste of fresh shrimps is good, cut shrimps into small pieces, each dumpling bag one.


Mushrooms, chopped; Chives, chives minced, eggs into the pot constantly stirring, do not fry for too long, time for bad taste.


Prepare all the dumplings stuffing, seasoning, put into the bowl and stir evenly, then add a small amount of water, stir evenly.


Dumpling skin: water, eggs and flour into the bowl, mix; Add salt and knead to form a dough. Knead the dough and let it sit for 15 minutes. Knead into a smooth dough, then divide into small pieces, Make dumpling wrappers(a small piece about 10 grams). If convenient also can buy ready-made dumpling skin.


Make dumplings: put the stuffing into the dough, dumplings are ready. Of course, there are many ways to make dumplings, the simplest one, is to put the stuffing into the dough, directly pinch on the seal can be.(You can also buy a tool to make dumplings)





Finally, the pot into the right amount of water, boil the water, and then put the dumplings into the pot to cook it. Also can match the little material that a bit oneself likes. Steam it in a pan or fry it in oil. According to one’s own preference!



All dumplings are made in the same way. You can also try to make dumplings with other favorite vegetables.


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