Pumpkin pie



Pumpkin is right amount
A moderate amount of oil
Red bean paste right amount
Proper amount of glutinous rice flour





First find a clean bowl or pot to dry the water, pour a little glutinous rice flour.

2 Steam the pumpkin, either in the pan or in the microwave, and then pour out the excess water.Remove the skin. Make pumpkin puree.

Pour the pumpkin puree into the glutinous rice flour.


Stir well. And make a smooth dough.


Then divide the dough into small pieces


Add a little red bean paste and wrap it up. Press it. Brush the pumpkin pie with oil on both sides..


Add oil to pan and fry over low heat until golden brown on both sides.


The finished product!


You don’t need sugar in the dough. Some recipes just put sugar in the dough to make it stick to the pan.

Sweet bean paste, sugar to put less. Make sure to turn down the heat while frying.

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